Take control of your money

Update your earnings
and spending on the fly.
Know exactly how much merchandise you have at all times.
Save money on unnessesary accounting fees.
Make the right decisions to advance your music career.
Who is Bandbiz for?

Part-time musicians

Playing music on the side? Whether you’re playing for fun, or pursuing a career, Bandbiz can make sure you or your band is on the right track
Keep track of your t-shirt and EP sales
Know how much money you can afford to spend
Keep everyone in your band on the same page
Recieve tips and tricks to make the most of your music

Full-time musicians

Do you file taxes at the end of the year as a musician? Bandbiz will help you along the way keeping track of your earnings and spending so you can easily do you tax return without paying an accountant!
Know how much you sell and spend, and where this money is going
Produce all the documents you need to quickly and easily file your tax return
Recieve help in making educated decisions to advance your career
Make sure you are getting paid correctly, and are paying your colleagues correctly



View unlimited Band profile (must be invited)
Use basic reporting tools (no export)

Note: Viewer account cannot input/edit transactions or create bands.


$25/Y or $4/M

(All prices are in USD)
Create/edit/manage an unlimited # of artist profiles.
Record income and expenses on the fly.
Manage unlimited inventory items.
Report on your financial standing.
Syns calendar and schedules.
Applications available on the Apple and Google play stores.
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